Real Wedding: Catherine & Max, Martinique

Wedding in Martinique

Wedding date:
Dec 21st, 2013

From where: Max is from Guadeloupe
Catherine spent her life between: Martinique, Guyana, and Guadeloupe.

How many guests:
130 from Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyana, France and USSR

The couple met in Guadeloupe and Max was instantly attracted to the charming Catherine. After becoming good friends and keeping in touch for a few months the couple started dating. For his birthday, she organised a real surprise…a cruise through the Caribbean islands. A few days before his birthday, he thought about proposing but kept the secret. That night at a romantic dinner when he learned of the upcoming trip he knew the timing was right. He knew at this moment, that she would be his wife and he asked her to marry him during the cruise.  It was the perfect moment to reveal what he had in his heart.

They choosed Martinique because a part of Catherine’s family lived in Martinique but also because they wanted something special for their wedding. They chose MYL’EVASIONS to plan everything for their wedding because in Guadeloupe and Guyana, they didn’t find the services they looked for.

The event started by “The Roses Ceremony” . A very emotional moment. A special treat to the guest was having their first dance song ‘Starry Night’ performed by one of the most famous bands of Martinique La Perfecta as they are both big fans of the band. Everybody was impressed because this band is known for big concerts not for weddings. Catherine and Max danced and sang all night long with their friends and family. A few days after they left for  the Dominican Républic for their honeymoon.

Congratulations to Catherine and Max!