Missing the sunshine

It is a cool wet evening in Atlanta and I am missing the Caribbean today. I am here for my friend Meredith’s wedding and I am really looking forward to seeing her tomorrow in her Renella De Fina gown. She has the added pressure of being the Marketing Director at a large bridal company and seeing hundreds of dresses in her job. Surprisingly she found her dress early, she saw it and knew it was the one. I was working on making her a Caribbean Bride but it was too much family and details to make it all work. She is heading south for the honeymoon though so I am happy about that.

We attend a lot of weddings as part of our job but it still gives a warm feeling when we see the bride walking down the aisle. Even more so when we know the couple personally, their story and their love.

Congratulations to all those getting married this weekend. Those that will have sand between their toes and those who won’t. Either way have a beautiful wedding day!